Samman ka deep jalao- beti bachao beti padhao

The trend of decline in the Child Sex Ratio (CSR) had been unabated since 1961. It went from 945 in 1991 to 927 in 2001 and further to 918 in 2011. For coordinated and convergent efforts to ensure survival, protection and empowerment of the girl child, Government announcedthe Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP)initiative. TheScheme was launched on 22nd January, 2015 at Panipat in Haryana. It is a tri-ministerial effort of Ministries of Women and Child Development, Health & Family Welfare and Human Resource Development. The overall goal has been to ‘Celebrate the Girl Child & Enable her Education’. Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had rightly quoted the eminent Urdu scholar from Panipat, Altaf Hussain Haali "O Sisters, mothers, daughters - you are the ornaments of the world; you are the life of nations, you arethe dignity of civilizations.” Keeping in line with the golden idea and initiative Indian Institute of Management Raipur is conducting an all inclusive maratho…

Staying Optimistic is the key to ensure you cross the line

We’ve all been brought up on quotes like “Look at the glass half full” or “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” , but can merely these quotes motivate you to staying optimistic? I see Optimism in the child in rags playing in the rain.  He has no wealth, no idea of what the future has in store for him, not even proper clothes on his back; but he is in a state of positivity that eludes many a people. And that is precisely what Optimism is: a balance of Hope and Confidence. Hence, Optimism is basically a Success magnet: The positive thoughts that you throw out in the universe come back to you, to lead you in a positive direction, to make you more resilient in the face of every struggle and emerge victorious. The road to success will be paved with many bumps and dips along the way. To be able to pick yourself back up after a failure, dust yourself off, and keep chasing success, you need to be able to stay optimistic. This is one of the reasons why successful people all over the worl…

It’s not a mile game, it’s a mind game

Once sifting through my Pinterest, I stumbled upon this quote by an American Runner, John Bingham,” The miracle isn’t that I finished, it’s that I had the courage to start”, I couldn’t usher why I was able to recollect this quote, maybe, there was something, you know in the subtext that this quote etched in my memory. Today I guess, as I practice for the marathon, I know what, he meant by the fact, “I had the courage to start”; my practice laps is a straight stretch of road for around a kilometer, the nerve wrecking feeling or the beginner’s blue I faced the very first week was looking down the other end, the proverbial finish sign for me at the end of the road. I could not fathom, how a lazy, couch hugging, mars and Cheetos loving monster like me could make that run, but, I guess, that’s when the quote hit me, it is not about finishing or about the stretch, it is about the courage you show, when you begin, the first steps towards something challenging are always tough, but it is the ch…

Five most critical things to add to your marathon training

1Work out Plans
As a runner, you are naturally doing a lot of cardio, during the runs, however, what is missed out is strength workout, a marathon is a test of the strength of all the muscles in your body and hence working on developing core strength becomes essential for you as a runner. Moreover, strength training helps you keep a strong lower back, and improves your running posture.
The Perfect Shoe The right fit, the one that is ideally slightly bigger than your office oxfords, remember your shoe is your key equipment for the run, doctors have suggested that the longer you run, the larger are the chances your feet may swell, so to avoid any post-run hindrances, it is better you get the right pair. The brand and the color, of course, are in your ballpark to decide.
3Practice Plan You may have started practicing for the D Day on your treadmills and local parks, but it is time you switch the routine and start experimenting with terrain, time and different tracks, the amount of change your…

The Marathon Man of India

“For me, running marathons is a romance with life.” These are the words of Ashis Roy,  the first man from India to run 100 marathons and the oldest active international sportsman in India. Roy served in the Indian Air Force for 21 years and after retirement with the rank of Wing Commander settled in New Delhi in 1978 as a Practicing Physician Cardiologist. At the age of 50 years Roy took up jogging and running to maintain good health. He ran his first marathon at the age of 52 and by the time he was 75, he had finished 82 marathons. His running track record is a national record for men in India. His first marathon was in 1985 and and completed his 115th Marathon (Mumbai marathon, India) in January 20, 2013 at the age of 81. He runs 12 kilometres daily, and 18 kilometres on Sundays. In winter, he makes it around 22 kilometres on Sundays. “You conquer yourself. I have never failed to finish a marathon, never given up midway. When you finish a marathon, maybe it's like childbirth, it&#…

My journey from sofa to stride

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Lays Classic Salted, coke, HP laptops have one thing in common and it’s me, a 22 year old guy, whose #PlaceToBe is his couch.  The closest I came to running was the day I saw “Forrest Gump”. I was the textbook Couch Potato, you could ever find, motivation for me was cell phone wallpaper, used by people who go to the gym.
My days of wandering were going good, I found my solace in fish n chips and hailed #Underwood2017, I had made myself accustomed to everything static, the only mobile thing accessible to me was my moped, a means to travel to office, back and forth, this was the phase where “Eat, work, Eat, sleep, repeat”, had become my motto.
The calling came, when I had to gift hunt with my boss at a local mall, for some office purpose, those few hours at the mall, had somehow changed me, you see, what happened was E-commerce shopping made me completely distant from the stores and the day I walked in one, and stood in front of their giant three sided Trial room, r…

Motivating women to participate in marathon

Ladies, Let’s Run!
The steadiest of winds can ruffle your hair beautifully, have you felt it? Did you know how lively the gush of red up your cheeks is? Your heart racing and your feet pacing, have you felt the exhilaration? The feeling of joy, the honor of victory, the coup of covering that extra mile… Did you know thatlife begins at the end of your comfort zone?
Running, dear ladies, is not a mere sport it is an investment. You always get more than you put in. It’s about taking charge of yourself and also about letting go of your weaknesses. Putting one foot in front of another, as fast as you can and for as long as you can, that’s it, and the goal is to be a better version of you. Be it improved timing, finishing a race or discovering a new route there is beauty in celebrating individual milestones… Running is a game you play with yourself!
Ladies the advantages of running goes beyond anatomy or physiology. It improves your health, boosts your confidence, sifts off your worries and ma…